Livestock & Beef

Mexico’s Freshest Meat.
Excellence in production and commercialization of meat products.

Merchandising and distribution

We are a world-class company looking to satisfy the international and national markets.


Our products are developed to fulfill the consumer needs through:
Food Service
Industrial dinning rooms


At Viba Group we are fully capable of taking advantage and leading the competitive and changing global market. We constantly open new borders, increasing our presence.

Cattle Fattening

Livestock facilities dedicated to fattening cattle. Our facilities include a grain-based food processing plant that allows us, under the care of our expert staff, that livestock can produce meat with unique flavor and juiciness. Cattle fattening facilities in  Tamaulipas and Chiapas.

Cattle Slaughter plant

We have a plant with high slaughter capacity, carrying out this process with the latest methods and under strict hygiene and sanitation standards. Its strategic location next to the feedlot prevents livestock from being stressed or mistreated, resulting in a greater tenderness of the meat. Slaughterplant TIFF 299 Located in  Tamaulipas.

Cutting and packing

Plant specialized in the process of cutting and packing of meat and livestock products. Operates with the most advanced controls in food safety and health. It is equipped with state-of-the-art technology to process fresh and frozen cuts, according to the client’s needs. Located in Nuevo león.